AAPM 2016: LifeLine Software, Radyalis showcase 3D Monte Carlo dose volume QA for photon RT

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LifeLine Software, Inc., a provider of dosimetric quality assurance tools, and Radyalis LLC, a provider of advanced radiotherapy software, demonstrated Monte Carlo quality assurance solutions at the 2016 AAPM Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

As described in a company press release, this collaboration allows LifeLine Software to bring to market industry-changing 3D dose volume independent dosimetric verification products that utilize Radyalis’ Monte Carlo dose calculation engine for photons and electrons.

In contrast to approximate analytic methods, Monte Carlo is widely recognized as the gold standard dose calculation method. Monte Carlo precisely models all relevant particle physics and materials including machine head and beam-limiting devices such as jaws, MLCs, and wedges. The most challenging clinical cases and complex structures are analyzed with the highest accuracy and confidence including heterogeneous head, neck, and lung regions, soft tissue, bony structures, and metal implants.

Flexible deployment options allow users to combine the precise accuracy of a Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm with the levels of speed and productivity that allow busy radiation departments to meet their workflow needs. LifeLine Software offers unparalleled quality assurance accuracy and performance on current generation desktop and server platforms, according to the company. A GPU is not required or necessary.

“Our goal is to receive FDA clearance before the end of 2016," said LifeLine Software’s Co-Founder and President, Jim Dube. "We will immediately market RadCalc 3DMC to all of our non-U.S. markets after beta testing and regulatory requirements are met.”

The flagship demonstration at AAPM was the first of two new software products both companies are collaborating on to provide more advanced modalities and capabilities for radiotherapy treatment providers.
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AAPM 2016: LifeLine Software, Radyalis showcase 3D Monte Carlo dose volume QA for photon RT.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| August 08, 2016

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