ESTRO 2017: Philips showcases innovations to enhance precision, reduce time to treatment, from imaging to planning

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RTDrive MR PRostateRoyal Philips has announced that it will showcase the company’s latest integrated solutions in radiation oncology at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology’s (ESTRO) 36th Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Vienna, Austria. Philips’ most recent innovations aim to provide integrated solutions in radiation oncology comprising imaging systems, tools, clinical informatics and services to accelerate the time to treatment and create greater consistency across the treatment planning process.  

Radiation therapy is a proven, effective method for treating patients with cancer. It relies on advanced medical imaging technologies to assess the treatment area, and determine the treatment strategy. Due to its accessibility, speed and accuracy, CT imaging is widely used in diagnosis and treatment planning in cancer care, while MR imaging is also rapidly emerging as a powerful tool as result of its superb real-time 3D visualization of soft tissue anatomy and physiology.

Creating efficient processes that can quickly assess therapy needs on an individual basis, per patient, is essential in providing consistently precise and timely radiotherapy treatment. Reducing uncertainties in treatment planning and enabling individualized, seamless therapy for each patient are top goals of today’s care teams. With integrated tools, systems and software that address the health continuum from imaging to treatment planning, Philips’ radiation oncology solutions streamline processes and workflows to improve radiotherapy planning and delivery.

“Cancer care teams need ways to increase precision, accelerate time to treatment, improve patient care and enhance patient satisfaction,” said Ardie Ermers, General Manager of Radiation Oncology at Philips. “Delivering on our commitment to provide meaningful innovations for patients and care providers, we have focused on providing solutions in radiation oncology to make workflows simpler, faster and more targeted from start to finish.”

The confident path to treatment

At ESTRO 36, Philips will feature the latest radiation therapy innovations designed to streamline workflows and improve both the patient and clinician experience, from simulation to treatment. The following solutions and software-integrating workflow tools will be on display:

  • RTdrive MR Prostate* – Philips’ first workflow solution that automates the treatment planning process from MR-only simulation, to MR-based Auto-Contouring and treatment planning. RTdrive condenses the planning process that can take hours or even days, down to just 25 minutes**. Through intelligent workflow automation, RTdrive reduces repetitive tasks while improving consistency so that clinicians can focus on other activities to enhance patient care.
  • iPatient for Big Bore CT – A patient-centered imaging workflow that helps drive consistency in image quality from scan to scan across diverse patient populations, which is particularly important in cancer cases. The iPatient platform provides a standardized approach to simulation imaging with advanced 4D imaging applications.
  • Ingenia MR-RT with MR-only simulation – A comprehensive MR simulation platform that provides high-quality, high-contrast MR images acquired in the treatment position to support confident identification of targets and organs at risk.
  • Pinnacle3 16 – Philips’ interactive radiation treatment planning application has a refreshed user interface and an improved look and feel. New features include Deformable Image Registration (DIR) incorporated into the Dynamic Planning module, and Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) that integrates Proton Photon planning into the Pinnacle3 16 Proton Planning environment.
  • IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 – The latest edition of Philips’ comprehensive, advanced visual analysis and quantification platform offers tumor analyzing and treatment response tools with a streamlined workflow for follow-up and analysis in oncology cases. IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 provides disease state assessment and treatment response tools using CT, MR, PET/CT, and SPECT/CT data.

Consulting to transform the patient and staff experience

To complement Philips’ radiation oncology products, Philips Consulting offers services that transform the patient and staff experience with a people-centric approach to room, department or building design. Ranging from the development of high-level strategies to methodologies to address operational issues, the program offers services to cover the full design of cancer treatment centers, Ambient Experience solutions (dynamic lighting, sound and video), and recommendations for efficient workflow process management.

At ESTRO 36, Philips will also be hosting a lunch symposium on May 8th focused on the latest innovations in radiation oncology. Find more details on the symposium here.

For more information about Philips’ presence at ESTRO, please visit Philips’ ESTRO event website at, and follow @PhilipsLiveFrom for updates throughout the event.

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ESTRO 2017: Philips showcases innovations to enhance precision, reduce time to treatment, from imaging to planning.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

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