Samsung NeuroLogica, Levine Cancer Institute to provide lung cancer screening through mobile lung CT

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Samsung NeuroLogica announced March 22 that its state-of-the-art, portable CT technology will be included in Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Cancer Institute’s innovative Mobile Lung CT Unit, which will bring lung cancer diagnosis and intervention to underserved populations in the Carolinas.

The mobile unit, constructed by Frazer Ltd. and funded by Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, is the only solution of its kind in the country, according to a company press release. Developed to address common barriers to screening including financial barriers, drive time and lack of public transportation, the Levine Cancer Institute mobile unit will enable patients to receive lung screenings and education about lung cancer in their own communities. Samsung NeuroLogica’s BodyTom is a central feature of the unit, featuring a portable, full-body, 32-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner that delivers high-quality images of both soft tissue and bone. The system also features an 85-cm gantry and 60-cm field of view, the largest field of view available in a portable CT scanner.

“It is well-known that early diagnosis and initiation of treatment improve patient outcomes and increase the likelihood of survival,” said Phil Sullivan, President and CEO for Samsung NeuroLogica. “However, patients often don’t have access to lung cancer screening, treatment and education. As leaders in the development and integration of portable CT systems into mobile emergency units, we are honored to play a role in revolutionizing lung cancer detection in underserved populations in the Carolinas.”

Since Samsung NeuroLogica introduced BodyTom in 2011, the scanner has been adopted and is now in use in over 100 centers worldwide. As a multi-departmental imaging solution, BodyTom is capable of transforming any room in the hospital—including LTAC settings, operating rooms, intensive care units, radiation oncology suites and emergency departments—into advanced imaging suites, eliminating the need to transport patients between departments.

"We are excited about our new partnership with Levine Cancer Institute and the unique opportunity to bring new methods of cancer screening and interventions to rural populations,” said David Webster, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung NeuroLogica. “We have over a decade of international experience integrating portable CT systems into mobile emergency units and are thrilled that our technology is being used in this groundbreaking application in the US.”

BodyTom’s ability to provide versatile, real-time portable imaging enables healthcare providers to administer point-of-care CT to underserved populations with limited access to high-quality healthcare. The mobile unit will decrease the time it takes to diagnose and initiate treatment for patients diagnosed with lung cancer, and reduce overall costs often associated with late-stage disease. In addition to lung cancer screenings, the mobile unit staff will offer smoking cessation education, and treatment navigation services to assist patients with any necessary follow-up intervention.

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Samsung NeuroLogica, Levine Cancer Institute to provide lung cancer screening through mobile lung CT.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| March 22, 2017

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