Varian supplies Edge radiosurgery suite to leading Croatia hospital

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Cancer patients in Croatia will gain access to advanced radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatments with the installation of South-Eastern Europe's first Edge Radiosurgery system from Varian Medical Systems. The system is being installed at the new Radiochirurgia Zagreb Clinic and doctors there expect to start delivering advanced radiosurgical treatments to tackle a wide range of tumors in January.

"The capabilities the Edge Radiosurgery system offers are perfectly suited to our patients' needs," said Professor Dragan Schwartz, general manager of Radiochirurgia Zagreb. "We selected Edge because it delivers state-of-the art technology combined with the flexibility to treat a wide variety of patients. We expect this cooperation with Varian will bring radiosurgery in Croatia to a higher level."

The Edge Radiosurgery system offers a precise, noninvasive alternative to conventional surgery, allowing clinicians to attack tumors from outside the body using carefully shaped high-energy X-rays. There are no incisions and patients contend with few of the healing, pain, and recovery issues typically associated with conventional surgery.  A sophisticated treatment couch with six axes of motion enhances treatment options and precision by providing additional angles for targeting tumors.

Radiochirurgia Zagreb is the first private hospital in the region dedicated exclusively to cancer diagnostics and treatment and is expected to provide advanced radiotherapy, radiosurgery and chemotherapy to treat a wide variety of tumors. Patients at the hospital will also have access to a variety of screening procedures to help detect cancers at an early stage. "We are hoping that working with our colleagues in Croatia and surrounding countries we will improve early discovery and make a significant step towards a more successful cancer treatment for our patients," added Prof. Schwartz.

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Varian supplies Edge radiosurgery suite to leading Croatia hospital.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| December 20, 2016
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