Best Research, Review Article & Case Report

We are excited to announce several new and updated contest opportunities to encourage, recognize, and reward outstanding original research articles, review articles and case reports in radiation oncology.


Research Article of the Year

We are delighted to offer this new contest category in 2017 for best research article. All research manuscripts published in ARO in 2017 will be entered into this annual contest, and judged on overall idea, execution of the work, and presentation. The winner, determined by the ARO advisory board, will receive a $1,000 grand prize.


Review Article of the Year

The annual Review Article of the Year contest will feature a $1,000 grand prize. All published review articles will be judged by the ARO advisory board on practical application, originality and presentation.


2017 Case Report of the Year

Moving from quarterly to annually, the ARO case report contest will now offer a $500 grand prize. All case reports published in 2017 in ARO will be entered into the contest, and judged by the advisory board on interest and presentation.


For guidelines and information on submitting research articles, review articles and case reports, click here.


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