Anderson Regional Cancer Center is first in U.S. to treat cancer with RayStation and TomoTherapy

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Anderson Regional Cancer Center first began using RayStation in 2013 with its conventional linear accelerators, which provided significant benefits for workflow and patient treatments. The center then added the TomoTherapy System, a highly advanced radiation treatment. Anderson has worked closely with RaySearch and Accuray to join the technologies and is now using RayStation for all radiation treatment planning, which is providing substantial gains in efficiency. Additionally, the high-precision treatment delivery provided by the TomoTherapy System will help ensure the best possible radiation treatments for patients.

The first treatment combining RayStation and TomoTherapy System at Anderson Regional Cancer Center was successfully administered to treat a prostate cancer patient. Moving forward, the center plans to use this combination of TPS and radiation treatment delivery system to also treat cancers of the breast, lung, and head and neck.

Dr. Scott Anderson, Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director at Anderson Regional Cancer Center, said: "We have watched these progressive companies develop through the years, and we are all very excited to be at this juncture. Integrating RayStation planning for multiple accelerator platforms enables us to fully embrace the TomoTherapy System's advantages. The future of our patients certainly looks brighter with the ability to unify these developments."

Paul King, Chief Medical Physicist at Anderson Regional Cancer Center, said: "This clinical launch is very significant. It is a big step in an evolving story that has just begun, considering the quality of RayStation's design as it is today, as well as the intensity and direction of its ongoing development."

John Anderson, President and CEO of Anderson Regional Health System, said: "The Anderson Regional Cancer Center team is continually researching new technologies and advanced medical procedures that will benefit our patients. It took many years and a high level of expertise to bring this collaboration to fruition. We are grateful to Dr. Anderson, Dr. Caleb Dulaney, Paul King, and the entire radiation oncology team for their dedication to increasing quality of life for patients."

Joshua H. Levine, President and Chief Executive Officer of Accuray, said: "We congratulate the Anderson Cancer Center clinical team on its achievement and look forward to continuing to support them as they pave the way in technological innovation focused on improving the lives of their patients. Since its inception, our partnership with RaySearch has been driven by the goal of providing additional flexibility and choice for our customers and enhancing the ease with which our radiation delivery systems fit into a radiation oncology's departmental workflow. With the TomoTherapy® System, the Anderson team has access to a highly precise system that will enable them to treat almost any patient who may benefit from radiation therapy."

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, said: "I'm delighted to hear that the first combined treatment using RayStation and the TomoTherapy System at Anderson Regional Cancer Center was successfully completed. Anderson Regional Cancer Center has always put trust in RaySearch's products, and I'm happy to see that they are in the forefront of this development. RayStation's capability to support multiple linacs, being a machine-independent treatment planning system, helps our customers to get the most out of their treatment delivery systems. Accuray and RaySearch are committed to improving the way radiation therapy is delivered, and I believe that our collaboration strengthens cancer care."

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Anderson Regional Cancer Center is first in U.S. to treat cancer with RayStation and TomoTherapy .  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| March 07, 2019
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