ASTRO '18: Elekta debuts strategy for precision radiation medicine

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At the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting, October 21-24 in San Antonio, Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) will introduce MOSAIQ Plaza, Elekta’s suite of data-focused integrative oncology software, and highlight the company’s comprehensive strategy for precision radiation medicine. This strategy integrates Elekta’s dual commitments to enabling complex radiation therapy treatment regimens while simplifying and streamlining the delivery of care. Elekta Unity*, the company’s transformative magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT) system and MOSAIQ Plaza are the most recent evidence of Elekta’s ability to fulfill these commitments.

“We believe that clinicians and patients around the world should have access to life-changing, life-saving care,” said Richard Hausmann, President and CEO, Elekta. “Achieving this goal requires advanced radiation therapy solutions. Our focus on precision radiation medicine reflects our commitment to innovating solutions that enable personalized radiation therapy that can rapidly be adapted to changes in tumor size and shape and use intelligent data processing to streamline treatments.”

ASTRO attendees are invited to visit Elekta booth #2433 to learn more about how Elekta is using precision radiation medicine to work towards a future where everyone can benefit from precise and individually tailored radiotherapy treatments, including:

  •  MOSAIQ Plaza, Elekta’s newest software solution offering for the delivery of complex precision radiation medicine treatment regimens. MOSAIQ Plaza is a patient-centric, integrative operating system, designed to work seamlessly with Elekta’s radiotherapy systems to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective treatment. This technology will drive efficient daily practice and connectivity to bring people and information together. Key features include: 

-       Elekta SmartClinic: An intuitive game-changer, enabling process visualization and automated streamlined care coordination with fewer clicks and portability, designed by Elekta with clinical partners and made for MOSAIQ®.

-       Monaco® HD treatment planning: the gold standard for delivering fast and accurate treatment plans. With Smart Sequencing and true Multicriterial Optimization, Monaco HD achieves superior plan quality with short delivery time.  

-       IBM Watson for Oncology: A powerful tool that augments clinicians’ expertise with evidence-based decision support and provides patients with data-driven care regardless of where they are treated.

-       Voice Automation: A transformative solution that integrates Palabra’s cutting-edge voice recognition technology and customizable templates with MOSAIQ, reducing the time needed to create accurate patients notes.

-       Care Collaboration: Supports tumor boards and multidisciplinary meeting experiences with cross-specialty data visualization. 

  •  Elekta’s suite of cutting-edge radiation delivery systems, which are designed to enable complex precision radiation medicine regimens tailored to each patient’s needs:

-       Elekta Unity, the first high field magnetic resonance radiation therapy system, which allows clinicians to see and track difficult-to-visualize soft tissue anatomies during radiation dosing.

-       Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™, the clear choice for intracranial radiosurgery, offers HD motion management and stereotactic CBCT imaging, allowing for precision radiosurgery with online dose adaptation.

-       Versa HD™, an HDRS (High definition dynamic radiosurgery) platform that offers precision and speed to deliver SRS and SBRT treatments throughout the body in standard treatment time slots.

-       Elekta brachytherapy solutions, including Venezia™, a gynecologic brachytherapy applicator designed to treat advanced cervical cancer.

For updates from ASTRO, SROA and ASRT, follow Elekta on Twitter at @Elekta.

To learn more about our events, including the Elekta User Meeting, educational programs and our evening fundraising event supporting the San Antonio-based Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF), visit

*Elekta Unity is pending 510(k) premarket clearance and not available for commercial distribution or sale in the U.S.

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ASTRO '18: Elekta debuts strategy for precision radiation medicine .  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| October 19, 2018
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