ESTRO 38: Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital to acquire Synchrony motion tracking, correction technology for Accuray Radixact

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Accuray Incorporated has signed an agreement with Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) for the acquisition of two Synchrony® motion tracking and correction technology[1] upgrades, to be used with the hospital's Radixact® Systems. Synchrony is a sophisticated tool developed to make it easier to provide precise radiation treatments to all tumors, even those that move. The agreement was signed at the annual congress of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) and represents the first commercial sale of Synchrony for Radixact in Asia and the first achieved at ESTRO, independent of the Synchrony product evaluation sites.

The Synchrony technology was originally developed to expand the CyberKnife® System's unique automatic motion tracking and correction capabilities, and enhance the precision of radiation treatments delivered to tumors that move with respiration. Based on positive outcomes from long-term clinical use, Accuray is now bringing Synchrony to the Radixact System with functionality designed to enable the delivery of highly accurate radiation dose to tumors that move as a result of bodily processes, including respiration and digestion, as well as patient movement.

"The Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital clinical team has extensive experience using the Accuray radiation therapy delivery systems, first with the TomoTherapy® System and then with the next-generation Radixact platform and the CyberKnife System. The unique capabilities of these systems enable our clinical team to offer each cancer patient a personalized and precise treatment approach that best suits their particular disease," said Mr. Wyman Li, Manager (Administration) of HKSH. "Since we began using the CyberKnife System we have learned first-hand the benefits that automatic motion tracking and correction capabilities can bring to patient treatments. When we were told about the availability of the Synchrony motion tracking and correction feature for the Radixact System, it was an easy decision to add motion synchronization technology to this system as well."

"HKSH is an internationally recognized hospital dedicated to using advanced medical technology to provide their patients with the best possible care. We are honored to have the opportunity to expand our relationship with their team and to partner with them on our shared vision – to enable cancer patients to live longer, better lives," said Joshua H. Levine, President & Chief Executive Officer of Accuray. "Treating tumors that move can be challenging without the right technology. HKSH will be the first hospital in Asia to use Synchrony with the Radixact System, reinforcing the hospital's commitment to investing in technology that enables their clinical team to successfully deliver radiation treatments to all appropriate tumors, even those that move."

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ESTRO 38: Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital to acquire Synchrony motion tracking, correction technology for Accuray Radixact .  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| May 06, 2019
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