IBA brings proton therapy to Toyohashi, Japan

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IBA (Ion Beam Applications SA), a provider of proton therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer, is pleased to announce that the medical team from the Narita Memorial Proton Center in Toyohashi, Japan, has treated the first patient with the IBA ProteusONE compact proton therapy solution. On September 7, the patient was treated for prostate cancer with proton therapy in order to preserve the surrounding healthy tissue. He is the first patient in Japan being treated with proton therapy equipment made by a foreign manufacturer.

The treatment is being delivered using the single room ProteusONE solution at the Narita Memorial Proton Center, which was installed within 11 months by IBA. ProteusONE is the only truly compact Image Guided Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IG-IMPT) solution. It has a unique open gantry environment designed to ease the work of radiation therapists during the treatment workflow and optimize the patient experience by providing a comfortable and calming environment. This compact design enables easy installation, operation and financing.

Olivier Legrain, Chief Executive Officer at IBA, commented: “We are delighted that the first treatment has been delivered successfully in Toyohashi. This is an important milestone for IBA as it is the first time proton therapy equipment made by a foreign manufacturer has been used in Japan to treat a patient.  This reinforces IBA’s position as the world’s fastest proton therapy provider, from contract signature to the treatment of patients.”

Makoto Narita MD, Chairman, Narita Memorial Hospital in Toyohashi added: “The delivery of the first proton therapy treatment is a great achievement for the development of cancer care in our community. We are pleased to collaborate with IBA, the global leader in proton therapy, as they have the expertise to deliver and support a fully functional compact proton therapy center in such a short time. We are excited by the prospect of continuing to provide advanced radiation treatment to cancer patients in our community whilst minimizing the side effects of the radiation therapy.”

*ProteusONE is the brand name of a configuration of the Proteus235.

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IBA brings proton therapy to Toyohashi, Japan .  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| October 08, 2018
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