Partnership Ensures Swift Distribution Of Radiotherapy Services in France



AQUILAB and MVision AI are partnering to help oncology departments throughout France receive the highest quality, guideline-based, deep learning radiotherapy solutions. A new distribution partnership between the companies gives AQUILAB the rights to distribute products and services of MVision AI in France. MVision AI’s team will be working closely with AQUILAB to ensure the distribution of swift, steady, and secure radiotherapy services.

“For more than 20 years, AQUILAB has developed advanced software solutions to improve quality in cancer treatment. In Radiotherapy, we offer contouring solutions, participate in RT QA in clinical trials and we are fully involved in many training workshops. In all these activities, we see that harmonization and standardization of the contouring process is one of the main issues to reduce variability and improve quality in radiotherapy treatments. In this context, we are very happy to have a partnership with MVision, to propose automatic AI contouring solutions in French language countries. We think that this solution, based on international guidelines, will permit our users to fully improve the performance and the quality of their contouring workflow,” said David Gibon, President and CEO of AQUILAB.

“MVision AI is delighted to partner with AQUILAB to bring guideline-compliant AI segmentation for French patients. France is pioneering deep learning development in its implementation and advocacy of AI initiatives. We are glad to see France’s enthusiasm and curiosity towards artificial intelligence. We are grateful for this support. We have been looking forward to introducing swift, reliable, and high-quality AI segmentation solutions for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy,” said Mahmudul Hasan, CEO, and co-founder of MVision AI.

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Partnership Ensures Swift Distribution Of Radiotherapy Services in France.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

October 01, 2021

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