Philips, IBA team with Proton Partners for first UK clinic to offer high-energy proton therapy

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The first patient in the UK has been treated with high-energy proton beam therapy at Proton Partners’ new Rutherford Cancer Centre in Newport, South Wales. It’s the first oncology clinic in the UK to provide high-energy proton beam therapy for targeted tumor treatments.

Proton Partners International has partnered with IBA (Ion Beam Applications), a provider of proton therapy solutions and Philips, a leader in health technology. To plan patient treatment the solution integrates Philips’ Big Bore CT and Pinnacle3 Treatment Planning System. Rutherford Cancer Centre is also the first in the world able to carry out spot scanning, also known as Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT), with the Philips Pinnacle3 system. IMPT lets radiation oncologists adjust the precision, depth and intensity of a proton beam to the peaks and valleys of complex spider-like tumors while avoiding healthy tissue.

The center was installed in a record time of nine months and is equipped with a superconducting cyclotron ProteusONE solution from IBA, which is used to generate the protons used in proton beam therapy treatment. The compact design of the cyclotron means that it consumes less energy than similar technologies on the market, which in turn minimizes the impact on the environment and reduces treatment costs.

In addition to advanced technology, the solution at Rutherford Cancer Centre includes Philips’ Ambient Experience, an interactive, patient-focused healthcare environment designed to create a more comfortable and soothing experience for patients and staff.

Proton Partners International is building a network of Rutherford Cancer Centres across the UK to be able to provide cancer patients with proton beam therapy treatment as well as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, imaging and wellbeing services.

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Philips, IBA team with Proton Partners for first UK clinic to offer high-energy proton therapy.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| April 19, 2018
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