PREDICT Study Demonstrates 40 Percent Change in Radiation Therapy Treatment for DCIS Patients

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Prelude Corporation (PreludeDx) will be presenting new data on its ongoing prospective PREDICT study of DCIS patients at the 2021 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), being held on December 7 – 10 in San Antonio, Texas.  PreludeDx will present scientific data demonstrating a 40% change in radiation therapy (RT) treatment recommendations when using the DCISionRT test. The PREDICT study is a prospective, multi-institutional registry for patients who received DCISionRT testing as part of their routine care. The study included 969 patients treated at 55 sites throughout the US.

SABCS Poster Session #P2-08-12, includes the poster, Interim analysis of the PREDICT Registry: Changes in treatment recommendation for a biologic signature predictive of radiation therapy (RT) benefit in patients with DCIS.

"This second interim analysis further validates the value of utilizing tumor biology in physicians' adjuvant treatment recommendations for DCIS patients, compared to basing decisions purely on clinicopathology," said Pat Whitworth, MD, FACS, Principal Investigator and Breast Surgical Oncologist Director, Nashville Breast Center; Managing Partner TME.  "Study results demonstrated DCISionRT changed treatment recommendations of physicians in every subgroup of clinicopathologic factors (age, grade, size, RTOG 9804) and was the most strongly associated factor with RT recommendation compared with these other factors."

"We are pleased to reveal that the PREDICT study, which is now the largest prospective clinical utility DCIS study in the world, consistently demonstrates that the integration of DCISionRT into clinical decision making has substantial impact on RT recommendations and more personalized treatment decisions," says Dan Forche, President and CEO of PreludeDx.  "When routinely implemented in practice, DCISionRT has the ability to successfully prevent over- or under-treatment of DCIS patients."

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PREDICT Study Demonstrates 40 Percent Change in Radiation Therapy Treatment for DCIS Patients.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| December 02, 2021

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