RaySearch Launches RayStation 10B With Brachytherapy Planning and Accelerated Proton Monte Carlo Dose Computation

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RaySearch Laboratories has launched the latest release of its widely adopted treatment planning system. RayStation®* 10B adds support for brachytherapy planning and a new GPU Monte Carlo algorithm, which typically cuts final dose computation times to less than five seconds.

In line with the company’s aim of integrating with as many treatment delivery systems as possible, the new release includes support for high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy planning. RayStation 10B features automatic channel reconstruction in combination with powerful dwell-time optimization, enabling faster and more consistent creation of high-quality brachytherapy plans. The efficiency and possibilities of brachytherapy planning are further enhanced by tools for working with multiple image sets, image deformation and dose summation. 

HDR brachytherapy is a radiation therapy technique in which a small radioactive source is placed at different positions inside the patient to obtain an advantageous dose distribution. High doses can be delivered to tumors while sparing organs at risk. The technique is used, for example, to treat gynecological, prostate, breast, head-and-neck and skin cancers.

Another notable addition in RayStation 10B is the multi-GPU Monte Carlo dose engine for proton planning. With typical final dose computation times of less than five seconds, the GPU Monte Carlo algorithm is expected to revolutionize planning workflows at proton clinics. The physics algorithms of the GPU proton Monte Carlo dose engine are identical to those in the now well-established RayStation CPU proton Monte Carlo dose engine, and dosimetric results are equally strong.

Machine-learning capabilities were introduced in RayStation 8B and are being continuously improved with each successive release. In RayStation 10B, machine learning applications further increase efficiency and improve consistency for photon and robust proton planning, and deep-learning organ segmentation. 

The robust optimization framework has been extended to take intra- and inter-fractional motion into account, with consideration for motion during the delivery of single fractions and changes over the entire treatment course. This framework supports improved plan quality, for example in cases with organ motion. 10B also introduces machine parameter improvements to utilize the full potential of the most common linacs. As a result, it is now possible to create treatment plans with more conformal dose distribution and lower dose to organs at risk.

Other enhancements include closer integration with the oncology information system RayCare®*. When running RayStation in a RayCare environment, the planning task list is now accessible in RayStation for improved workflow management.

Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: “Each release of RayStation takes clinical workflows to the next level. Brachytherapy is a highly accurate technique, and the capabilities of our advanced software will bring a new dimension to the treatment of several cancer types.”

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RaySearch Launches RayStation 10B With Brachytherapy Planning and Accelerated Proton Monte Carlo Dose Computation.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| December 23, 2020
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