RaySearch releases updated RayCare OIS

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RaySearch has released RayCare 2C*, a new version of the next-generation oncology information system (OIS). RayCare is designed to support the workflow in a modern oncology center, connecting the different oncology disciplines, boosting efficiency and ensuring optimal use of resources. RayCare is developing rapidly in collaboration with some of the leading cancer centers worldwide, and this is the third release of the system in 2018.

The first clinical version of RayCare was released in December 2017, and Iridium Cancer Network in Belgium started using it clinically after two months. Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center in Nashville, has been using RayCare as the sole OIS to manage their patients since the opening of the center in July.

RayCare 2C adds advanced workflow features and improved task management, such as introducing order management connected to workflows. The order management feature allows physicians to place orders that automatically trigger workflows and automated tasks in the system. The task-driven order workflow boosts efficiency, improves communications, and handovers between clinicians and allows an always up-to-date overview of the order progress.

The patient chart has been extended with several features such as clinical trials management with indicators for trial enrollment in the patient overview. Basic patient vitals such as pulse, blood pressure and weight, as well as lab results, are also presented in the patient chart.

The release also includes further improvements throughout the product, such as rigid registration tools in the image viewer as well as improved RayStation-integration.

*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.

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RaySearch releases updated RayCare OIS.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| January 02, 2019
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