RayStation Releases RayCare 4A OIS

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RaySearch Laboratories AB has released the oncology information system RayCare®* 4A. New functionalities include dynamic team management, scripting support, and an improved patient chart.

RayCare 4A has been carefully designed to further promote efficiency and safety by reducing routine manual tasks and handovers. Workflow management capabilities are enhanced by the introduction of task management for clinical teams supported by a dedicated workspace, the Team Home. The Team Home enables dynamic and versatile management of tasks for different users. It is now also possible to manage workflows and appointments for medical oncology and surgery in parallel with a radiotherapy workflow. 

The novel feature RayCare scripting adds additional automation capabilities and allows for further streamlining of workflows to ensure that clinical protocols are followed. The user-defined Python scripts can be run either automatically from tasks in the workflow without user interaction or manually via a console. The automation support provided by tasks is further developed by introducing support for forks in the workflow based on script responses from the RayCare script tasks or from the script tasks connected to the treatment planning system RayStation®*. This is designed to enable users to create advanced support for use cases such as plan comparison.

Other highlights of RayCare 4A include several new workspaces and enhancements in the patient chart. These include extended capabilities for documenting chart notes, clinical profile and history of the patient, a patient specific image management view, and a dedicated view for offline image reviews. PACS has been extended with archiving capabilities and the image viewer now supports making annotations.

Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch, says: “I am very proud of the progress we have made with RayCare. Each new release offers exciting new possibilities for oncology teams and I am looking forward to seeing this latest release in clinical use. Scripting has proven to be a tremendously powerful tool in RayStation, and I think the potential for scripting in RayCare is equally great.”

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RayStation Releases RayCare 4A OIS.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| June 29, 2020
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