Sutter adopts Cianna Medical's SAVI SCOUT wire-free radar breast localization system

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Sutter Health, a not-for-profit, integrated healthcare network in Northern California, announced its collaboration with Cianna Medical and the SAVI SCOUT Wire-Free Radar Breast Localization System—a wire-free, nonradioactive system used by U.S. hospitals.

“At Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, this advanced technology has had an immediate and enormous positive impact for our patients undergoing the removal of breast lesions,” said Harriet Borofsky, M.D., medical director of Sutter’s Mills-Peninsula Breast Center. “This technology eliminates the need to place wires for localization on the day of surgery, which can decrease anxiety and procedure time, thus improving a patient’s overall experience.”

“At Sutter, we’re taking another step forward in helping transform healthcare,” said Lisa M. Guirguis, M.D., surgical oncologist with Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, which also uses the SCOUT system. “We welcome innovative approaches that are designed to enhance quality and help those in our care feel more supported and comfortable.”

Sutter is dedicated to delivering compassionate care that eases the burden of breast cancer treatment. With the option of a wire-free localization program at some locations, patients can have a small reflector the size of a grain of rice placed into the breast instead of wires, prior to the day of surgery. This can reduce stress for women who are going through one of the most difficult times in their lives. The technology also can reduce operating room costs and improve operational efficiency.

According to Cianna Medical, The SCOUT system is the first non-radioactive, non-magnetic implant used in wire-free localization that can be implanted with no restrictions on how long the reflector can remain in the breast. The technology is designed for use by surgeons and radiologists to locate and guide the removal of a tumor during a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy procedure. Using SCOUT, surgeons can target the affected tissue using its 360˚ detection capability to pinpoint its location within ±1 mm, which can mean more successful surgeries, optimized breast conservation strategies and enhanced outcomes for women. In addition, because the SCOUT reflector will not interfere with MRI studies, patients are not restricted in the types of imaging modalities they may need.

“We founded Cianna Medical and developed the SCOUT wire-free system and SAVI Brachytherapy to ease the burden of breast cancer care for women and their families,” said Jill Anderson, President and CEO of Cianna Medical. “We are proud to work with Sutter Health to fulfill their mission to transform care by implementing a wire-free localization program by integrating their compassion for patients with our SCOUT technology.” 

SCOUT was first used within the Sutter Health system at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame. The technology has since been implemented within the Sutter Health network including California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, and Sutter Roseville Medical Center.

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Sutter adopts Cianna Medical's SAVI SCOUT wire-free radar breast localization system.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| May 02, 2018

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